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The Tessitura Network structure, services and products benefit a global user community of arts and cultural organizations of all sizes.

The Tessitura Network is a group of the world’s premiere arts and cultural organizations united by a common technology in order to achieve operational excellence. Network members include theatres, orchestras, performing arts centers, festivals, dance companies, opera companies, museums and university arts affiliated departments and venues.

The Challenge: Wasted Time Gathering Information

Tessitura Network Web Products staff use several Atlassian products, including JIRA, Fisheye/Crucible, Confluence, and Bamboo for daily tasks, task workflow, documentation, and automated code deployment. Bug and development task information is stored in JIRA and critical client information is stored in the other systems. Staff spends too much time gathering the client information from the other systems and entering the data into the JIRA ticket.


ServiceRocket offers several plugins that enhance and extend both JIRA and Confluence to meet the Tessitura Network Web Products staff’s needs. With the add-ons, data entry time for JIRA tickets decreased significantly while data accuracy and data inclusion increased. Additionally, extending JIRA and Confluence functionality provides metrics for management and workflow enhancements that streamline and improve the daily working processes which improves turn-around time of critical customer issues and frees developers to work on strategic and mission critical projects.

The Voice of the Customer

Nathan K. Campbell, Web Developer / Consultant, Tessitura Network

“As a Not-For-Profit organization working to keep our costs down, the ServiceRocket community license program is a life saver for use and has positive effects for our customers. The community license offer for ServiceRocket plugins means we get to have our ideal workflow in Atlassian products and continue to offer our customers the best products in a cost-conscious way. It’s a win-win for everyone! Thank you very much ServiceRocket for supporting NFP companies and allowing our customers to continue making the world a beautiful place.”

For more information on ServiceRocket’s offerings, please visit the Atlassian Solutions page.